The Denim Jacket

A little over a year in the making…


Let’s start at the beginning.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 4.38.14 PM.png

This was the denim jacket when I found it on Etsy from GoGo Vintage. At the time there was a 20% sale going on. Instead of the $22 it was 17.60. Then with shipping ($10.85) I got the jacket for $28.45.


For a while my denim jacket looked like this. My Maleficent and Marie the with kitten from The Aristocats patches from Character World at Mall of Georgia. The London patch is from a souvenir shop in London.


One of my favorite things about this denim jacket is all the pockets.


There’s two pockets like the one above. Two breast pockets and two deep pockets on the inside.




I found the Black and Proud pin from Adorned by Chi and the Fight Evil pin from Magic Circle Clothing.


The Stonehenge patch come from Stonehenge England. All of these patches are iron on. I did have to go back and sew on the Maleficent and London patch after a wash. I had to fix the small areas where they looked like they wanted to fall off.

Now back to the present!


Or rather about two weeks ago when I finally got all my patches in the mail. I got the what makes you unique patch from my mom’s Laura Mercier Christmas gift set. All the other patches here I found on Depop. The big cactus patch I had to sew on. The others were iron on and were easy to apply.


This was part of my setup for my patch project. I keep my notions in this pink bag. My iron was on my table next to the bed.


I used a cloth napkin to put over the patches (except for Sailor Venus that one needed direct heat to stay).


I was originally going to put the mini cactus on the breast pocket above, but it was easier to iron on here.


The Pusheen and Laura Mericer patches on are the back of the jacket. I chose the right shoulder.


 I thought this would be cute towards the bottom of the jacket.

And finally, the sew on patch I thought would be cute on the front of the jacket.


This is the final result. I just used black thread and hand sewed it on. It took me about an hour. I’m pleased with the outcome.


I also fixed the Maleficent patch. I had a before picture too but I didn’t like the quality of it and it was too late to take another picture. 


Time for some ootd pics!


Well, sorta. I wore something else earlier in the day that didn’t really match this jacket.




Penelope was hanging out while I was taking pictures. I think she likes sniffing everything like the tripod.


That’s all for this post. I hope y’all enjoy and have a great rest of your day!


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