Mickey Mouse Sweater

My other favorite sweater at the moment.

This ootd is from Friday, February 2nd.


I got this sweater a few months ago at Target. I didn’t keep the receipt of course. Full price it was $19.99. I found it on sale for around $13. I remember getting it for about $11 after tax and my discount. It’s a little baggy. The Target I worked at only had two sizes left so I chose the larger size available.


I’ve also got my new favorite sunglasses from Target as well.


The coach bag I featured on before on Style Cookie Jar. My purple tights and my Dr. Martens were from my London trip back in 2016. I never included my tights in that post. My bad. They’re from Uniqlo in Shepherd’s Bush Westfield. I believe they were about £12.90 or $17.90. I love these tights and I will plan on purchasing more Uniqlo items.


I’m a gold heart and hoop shape earrings collector now. I found this pair on Depop for $12 ($7 then $5 for shipping).


My skirt is from Forever 21. I bought it back in August or September. I’m not even going to try to recall the price but under $30.I never spend more than that on one item in there. Finally, I have on my new Sailor Moon bracelet from Box Lunch. You can see more on it on my Insta.


Oh and one last thing, I’ve changed my haircolor back to dark brown so this is the first and last post with my hair this color. It’s a long story lol. I hope y’all enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of your day.


3 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Sweater”

    1. Thank you! I know Target tried expanding into Canada but it didn’t really work out. Maybe they’ll try Europe in the future but if you ever get the chance to check out a Target in the US, I totally recommend checking out the clothing and accessories section.

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