Cute Clothing and Accessories I found as a Target Team Member


Saturday (February 3rd) is my last day. One of the things I will miss about being a team member is being able to shop while putting away reshop. Plus the 10% discount on top of whatever you bought was a nice perk. It was hard for me to not purchase everything cute I saw. But these pieces I couldn’t pass up.

Women’s Allover Animal Any Day Pullover

Original price: $19.99

Clearance: $7ish (I had my discount and I lost the reciept)


I love leopard print. I saw this thrown on top of a Knox Rose rack. I was just going to put it back in it’s correct spot (A New Day) but after examining it I decided I was going to hold it and buy it on break. I remember the price was somewhere between $7-5. I’ve worn it around a few times and it’s my new favorite sweater.

Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Plaid Shift Dress

Original price: $19.99

Clearance: $2.99


Slip dresses are one of my favorite types of dresses because they’re simple and comfortable. All you have to do is put a t-shirt under it and you’re good to go. You can dress it up with a hat and chunky statement necklace or just carry a tote.

I found this dress on the floor of the clearance rack behind the fitting room. Before the layout change we had a huge clearance rack of 30% or more right infront of the C9 sports bra wall. This was actually discontinued and was $5.48 but when I went to check out it rung up $0.00. Unfortunately I didn’t get it for that price, but $2.99 is a steal.


Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Long Sleeve Knit Dress

Original price: $19.99

Clearance: $8.48


A-line knit dresses are my absolute favorite dress. I find that it’s one of the most flattering shapes for my body type. Anytime I can get my hands on one I buy it. This dress in particular gave me Missoni vibes.


The best part of this dress is the bell sleeves!


Xhilaration Women’s Knit Bell-Sleeve Dress

Original price: $24.99

Clearance: $7.48


Growing up, I wasn’t too big of a fan of rose print clothing. Currently, I’m in love with roses on everything. I’ve even incorporated roses into my skincare routine. I couldn’t pass this dress up. It has everything I love sewn into one piece.


There’s a partial wrap on it.



And more bell sleeves!!



Knox Rose Women’s Pointelle Drapefront Fringe Cardigan Black

Original price: $29.99

Clearance: $8.98


It’s actually been a while since I’ve bought a cardigan. This one reminded me a little of the Southwest but with a minimalist twist.


And tbh I love fringe.


I just think the way this was constructed is interesting. There’s so much going on.


A New Day Women’s Round Sunglasses White

Original price: $14.99

After discount: $13.50 (not much but I loved them and they were the only ones!)


I have a short attention span. Gemini problems . I saw these while headed to another department in Softlines. I told myself if they were still available I’d get them on payday. It  was a Sunday when I found them. Since the 19th I’ve been wearing them everytime I go out. They will be in future blog posts.


Mossimo Supply Co Women’s Envelope Belt Bag Black

Original price: $16.99

Clearance: $8.48


I think I was cleaning up the mess zoning over in accessories and saw these either before or around the same time I saw the white sunglasses. I thought it was cute and would be perfect for those limited times I don’t want to carry my room in with me when I’m out running errands.

It’s very tiny and I have trouble with downsizing.


I bought it anway lol. One of the reasons why I was so drawn to this bag is because I don’t usually like the feel of cheap/vegan leather. This had a different feel and look to it. It also has notches in it like a belt to adjust to your waistline.



I think that’s enough for this post. I hope y’all enjoy it! I have an ootd post next. Then a bag review. Actually I have about seven different blog post I’m working on over the next two weeks. I’m pushing myself to not only post more frequent but to keep better track of the price of everything. I’m really bad at saving paper receipts.  Remember to follow me on Twitter for blog updates and mostly fashion and kpop related tweets and Instagram for mini reviews. I like putting my skincare and beauty finds on there.

See ya next post!




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